Delaware River Waterfront Corp. & CDAG Present the Central Delaware Master Plan Progress Report to

Delaware River Waterfront Corp. and Central Delaware Advocacy Group
Present the Central Delaware Master Plan Progress Report to CDAG member communities

Meeting May 4 in Fishtown
Meeting May 5 in Pennsport

The master plan process is moving forward and the consultants are ready to present their phase I findings to the communities. CDAG is hosting a series of meetings to present these findings to local civic associations to insure that they are engaged and well-informed. These meetings are referred to as “cluster” meetings. Each series of cluster meetings will include a meeting in both the Northern and Southern ends of the Central Delaware. ATTEND EITHER OR BOTH OF THESE MEETINGS. Two locations have been arranged for convenience.

There are three phases of work to be done by the consultants within specified time periods:

1) Analysis (Feb-May 2010)
2) Concept Development (Jun-Sep 2010)
3) Master Plan Refinement (Oct-Dec 2010)

Approximately two to three weeks after each series of cluster meetings, DRWC and the consulting team will conduct large format meetings for the general public.

The purpose of the cluster meetings is to provide neighborhood residents access to the work of the designers, the DRWC board and staff in a timely manner (i.e. before decisions are made). These smaller meetings will give neighborhood residents direct access to the designers prior to the larger general public meetings. Neighborhood residents will be given an opportunity to have a “first look” at the design work. The feedback from these meetings will enable the designers to make revisions prior to the public meetings.

The first series of cluster meetings are:

Tuesday, May 4, 6:30-8:30pm
First Presbyterian Church
418 East Girard Avenue in Fishtown

Wednesday, May 5, 6:30-8:30pm
EOM Ed O’Malley’s) Boys Club
138 Moore Street (between Morris and Mifflin Streets)


May 4 & 5, 2010
- Introduction and Welcome (CDAG)
- Overview of project schedule and public outreach plan (DRWC)
- Presentation of analysis phase information (Consulting Team) - Please note: this presentation will most likely be broken up into sections, with time for interactive discussion in each section
- Closing Remarks and Next Steps (DRWC and CDAG)